Founder- Lipton McKenzie 

Mckenzie Financial, Inc has over 25 years of experience in managing and preventing student loan default; in fact this is our only business. Our highly trained and experienced default client service representatives, are experts who will ensure your success in a manner that will be done to your satisfaction. As you consider our successful default program, here are some factors of significant benefits,  we'll assist you in understanding:

  • You'll be excited to know that as we address your student loan default experience, your credit rating will be restored during the process.

  • If your wages are being garnished because of student loans, we can help.

  • If it's your intention to go back to school to pursue your educational goals, we can help.

  • If you would like to have the burden of making multiple loan payments become a thing of the past, we can help.

  • If you're not aware of all information relative to your student loan/s, we can help you to acquire and understand them.

  • If you need any information regarding your student loan status, we can help you to obtain them.

  • If you've been looking for an experienced company that will treat your case with utmost priority, strict confidentiality, pin-point accuracy and in a manner with which you'll be pleased, then your search is over.  We're standing by to hear from you.

What is the cost and impact your student loan having on you?

More about us...

Lipton Mckenzie
Founder and President

"After providing our clients on both institutional and personal levels, it is good to know the lives of those who has given us the opportunity to be of service t othem, has been truly changed in a positive manner. Please share us with others."

Winston McKenzie

"The joys that come from knowing we've been successful in helping someone to recover from a potentially devastating and stressful student loan default situation, more than words can describe."

Elicia McKenzie

"Helping others to find a pleasant resolution to a seeming dilema is not just an occupation for me, but an absolute joy. Our team focus is to build positive relations not just on what we say, but by what we do. If you need to talk with us, do so at any time."

Cassandra Rhodes
Business Analyst

"Clients enjoy their interaction with us, especially when they've been referred by someone who has already experienced success when they enrolled with us. After 25 years of successfully assisting our clients, we're already looking forward to the next 25."

Meet some of our client services staff...

Patricia Grande-VanSlyke
Client services
Chante Campbell
Client services
Client services
Brandi Johnson
Client services