Our success was built not on what we say about who we are or what we have done for our clients, but upon the positive experiences they've received in service, and results our clients have repeatedly said consistently met or exceeded their expectations. We value our interaction with each individual we've had the utmost pleasure to help put troubled matters in their past, and whom together, defined a clearer focus on the path ahead to their scholastic success.

Charlene Singh
"I felt lost because I had not one, but 6 active loans that totalled over $160.000 in debt, leaving me no way out. I called McKenzie Financial.and I'm so happy I did because my situation is now under control, and I can pursue my dream to become a doctor again!"
Sandra Matos

"I began to worry that after graduation, all I could look forward to were these looming bills from debts  I had accumulated, to pay for my education. Thank goodness the awesome debt default experts at McKenzie Financial, worked out a plan that gives me strong assurance of a very bright future!"

Delroy Greene


"Like we say in the islands, I already had a bag of problems before going into school, and adding these hefty school loans with high interest to them, was a recipie for disaster. i didn't find out until it was too late. McKenzie Financial had the right solution though. Now I can relax and focus on my future. Everything is irie mon...no problem! Thanks McKenzie Financial...highly recommended!"

Samia Hashemzadeh

"I knew I had reached the right place for help. The customer service I received made me feel like I had known them for a long time...they made me feel like they were talking to family. So happy to have found you guys. Thanks for everything."