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VOLUNTEER Duties (Servers & Bring Items from the list)

12-15 cooked turkeys

.   Containers of cooked rice

*  Turkey stuffing & gravy

*  Mashed potatoes

*  Styrofoam lunch containers

*  Paper plates ( with compartments)

*   Paper cups

*  Containers of Punch, sodas

*  Cases of Bottled water

*  Plastic forks and knives

*   Salads

*  Music

*  Serving utensils

*  Pastries (Pies and cakes)

*  Garbage bags (Large)


Sunday-April 2, 2017. North Lauderdale, Florida

About This  Project: Start date APril 2, 2017 @ 8:00am

OBJECTIVE: This concept of planting one's own vegetables and fruits to feed the poor has caught fire in 5 countries where Begin To Serve Foundation serves, has become a focalpoint of our Foundation. The pressure to provide food for the poorest of the poor, is a great challenge for our service partners as well for the village leaders those communities look toward for food sources every day. By teaching others to return to basic farming, we intend to have this inexpensive, food supplying process with the capabilityof feeding the poor for generations to come, duplicated globally.

By partnering with the City of North Lauderdale, we've acquired gardening plots in which the homeless will participate. When the food and veggetables are ready to be harvested, the City along our organization will host garden parties and serve refreshments (healthy green juices and pastries--carrot cakes and muffins etc), all made from the garden produce The community will be invited to these events in order to meet the homeless in their community, make friends with, and help with their social living conditions whenever possible. We believe people will care more for those in need when they feel they have a friend living on their streets, versus someone who will forever remain a nameless stranger.

Project start date is Sundayr plot

April 2,2017 @ 8:00am. Address: SW 83rd on Rock Island Road, North Lauderdale, FLorid Garden plots are $30/per year. Here's what you get:


*  Garden plot as seen in photos

*  Large umbrella to protect your plot

*  Water source

*  Tools

*  Planting soil

Plots are going fast, just a few left for our project start date. To secure yours garden, click the DONATE button and earmark your donation: GARDEN PROJECT. If unable to attend your plot, you caSPONSOR A FARMER fo an additional $30. Photos and viseos of the projects process will be frequently provided. Let's get sarted.

Thursday-April 27, 2017. St.Thomas, Jamaica, W. I

Mr. Joslyn Mckenzie

This 83 year old gentleman Mr. McKenzie, is one of Jamaica's poorest of the poor. He lives in theparish of St.Thomas inside  this 85 year old shack. He has expressed deep concerns that one day, this building will be the death of him.Thisstory is featuredinthe Jamaica STAR whoishelping him reachout for help. We've decided to help him with durable living tent and lots of basic supplies needed to enhance his living conditions.

On Thursday April 27, membersof our team willbe going to Jamaica to meet him and provide any assistance possible. As we receive additional information from the STAR, we'll decise whether to build him a fast home of deliver a durable tent. This will be the first part of our visit, as we plan on goingback of furtherconstruction details become necessary.

WE NEED: Volunteers skilled in construction, tent installation, Air Beds, a small gril, new clothes, tiletries, solar camping lanterns, a durable food supplies and donations. PARTNER WITH US TO REGISTER FOR THIS TRIP.

Please partner with us for the care of this  poor old father.

July/August 2017. Punjabi, India

The video features some tribal people in India who are very precious to us. We'll be visiting them this summer to follow-through on our promises to supply 2 deep water wells for all their needs. Currently they have to walk ~ 1/4 mile for a drink of water! Starting April 2017 they will begin receiving seeds for planting various fruit trees, veggie gardens and ground provisions for continued survival. Due to the condition of their straw homes (no lighting after sunset), solar lanterns will be provided.


NEEDS: We need serious minded individuals who are compassionate at heart, and love the poor, to freely donate to this cause, as well as travel with us to India this summer. Each well is a nominal cost of only US$1,395 and seeds are only $1.59c each packet. Anyone donating $700 or more, will have their name on a special steel plate which will be affixed to a memorial slab to be constructed at the site of each water well (part of your legacy).

In order to help make these projects successful, we need your help. Your donation of any amount, will go a long way in helping to sustain the lives of these amazing friends living in these tribal regions, for many years to come. Signup to travel with us this summer by clicking the partner with us button. You'll receive a receipt for tax credits whenever you file your taxes.

November 2017. Kenya, Africa

We have known for some time that the poorest individuals in parts of Africa are need of drinking water and have not been able to obtain it. Begin To Serve Foundation started drilling wells on November 22, 2017 in Eldoret, Kenya. 

These amazing Kenyans will receive their well in time for the Christmas holidays. They will be drinking fresh water for the first time. There are other villages badly in need of water. Please donate to these causes and lets bring more clean water to Africa. Click the donate button and receive a tax credit when you go to file income taxes. We are a 501c3 organization.