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We currently serve by providing food,clothes and sharing the good news of Jesus among tribal communities in the southern part of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh state in India; tribal individuals who are unreached, underprivileged, poorest of the poor and vulnerable. They are living in the remote parts of the jungles, and many are mountain dwellers. From the forest they depend on nature to provide for their life sustaining needs, and most of the time are cut off from the rest of the world. The children who are poorest of the poor, orphaned, rejected, receive substandard care, are starving and malnourished. The communities are worshiping the forest, trees, stones and animals in search of hope for help. We go to these places to bring help and hope to their future. This is where together we can do our part to help.


They are least reached people for the gospel. They desperately in need of the gospel, they are thirsty for it!  If one child comes to know Jesus Christ, the whole community will be saved in the Lord. Many are dying without hearing the gospel. The people are the tribal group from Kui, Harijan and Soura. So in response to the great commission, our faith based mission “Care For Kids Ministries” is dedicated to helping to uplift the children and their communities. Our ultimate vision is to provide life sustaining support for these underprivileged tribal children, parents and communities; to help them realize there is hope for their spiritual, social and physical well being, and to help them become healthy and as we help them strive to achieve high educational goals.

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Your donations help these village adults and children in ways you'd have to be there to understand. Please donate today. If you're interested in traveling to India with u when we go to visit, connect with us for more information.

There are over 1.4 million tribal indians living in the countrysides of Odisha State in India who survive on very little. They live in homes made from mud paste and thatched roofs made from the leaves of palm trees and get water for drinking and all other household purposes.

Begin To Serve Foundation has engaged outreach activities in this area to help them overcome the issue of hunger. We are building bore wells from which they can get water for drinking, household and sanitary purposes as well as to irrigate their crops in times of drought. We have also supplied chickens and teaching them agricultural skills that are necessary to produce healthy food stock to help them sustain life for many generations in the future.

The tribal people wee excited to receive chickens for the first time, they actually adopted them as part of their household. Instead of raising them on the exterior of their homes, they had them living inside instead!