Many children living in Pakistan face severe hunger and homelessness. Their parents are poor and not able to provide for their families so many of the children there go hungry, many homeless and  without hope. Our mission partners in Khanewal, Pakistan feeds, educates and provide school supplies, candy, clothes and spend much time to ensure the children get the best education.
Our outreach partners there, operate at the risk of life and limb to bring hope to these villages. They need our support.


Homeless adults and abused women presents another challenge there and our mission partners strive to assist them in any way they are able. They feed poor adults and provide need items to satisfy hunger and thirst as often as resources are available. Our efforts to ship supplies will be greatly enhanced despite the distance and costs involved. This is where you can help by partnering with us 


To ensure that the children receive the best education and care, teachers have to sometimes travel great distances on foot to other towns to receive the training necessary to sculpt educational needs that are positive for social, educational and physical growth of the children they teach. Your donations ensure the teachers salaries, clothes for the children and school supplies, put children in the position to attend and receive the training of these dedicated educators.


NEEDS:  School supplies (all), funds for progressive learning (Computers) and ongoing teacher training, funds for teacher salaries (6), Office supplies, school furniture, (Desks, chairs, writing boards and tables), School building and playground equipment,

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Dedicated teachers

Teachers salaries are less than $25 monthly

Motivation day-visiting missionary

Begin To Serve Foundation Missionary visit

Room inside building

Poorly constructed building having 2 small rooms for supplies only

Small desks not enough for 120 kids

Only 5 desks for 120 children. They need your help now.

Hungry children

Poor school children in need nourishing food

Students are great performers

Despite great poverty levels, the children are very intelligent

Outdoor classes 12 months anually

These roughly constructed desks for year round use outdoors, are in short supply. Please donate today.

Out reach mission activities geared at feeding and providing clothing for both adults and children living in extreme poverty are some of the activities that drives our compassionate mission partners to provide for them on an ongoing basis.


The photographs potray an on target display of daily living condition for many who will remain homeless and hopless without assistance.
Current needs:
  • Blankets
  • Clothes (Men, women, children)
  • Shoes (Men, Women, Children)
  • Food
  • Jackets and coats during winter




Our mission partners in Pakistan, Seek Ministries, are passionate about the care for children and homeless in their community.  They ensure that all resources sent for these wonderful children and the poor, addresses their needs as quickly and as best as possible. Become a mission partner today and help to ensure these poor children continue to receive a chance of a brighter future by giving a gift of love today. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive your receipt at year's end for income tax benefits.